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My husband and I purchased our first Chow puppy from a Pet Store in 1978. Although Sheba did not turn out to be the best specimen of a Chow and went through two hip surgeries for hip dysplasia before the age of one year, I quickly fell in love with this breed.

I found the Chow to be arrogant, dignified, loyal, proud and snobbish at times. In my opinion, they are a very misunderstood breed. They tend to go their own way in life, but are wholeheartedly devoted to the family. The Chow is not a barker, but a great watchdog. He will sound off at the sight of a stranger. They are normally not friendly with strange people. It is, however, essential that the Chow be socialized as a young puppy. The Chow is a very clean breed and easy to housebreak. Their coat does require at least a once a week brushout. It is essential to keep the coat in good condition.

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Thank you to the Chow Chow Fanciers of Canada for this award!


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Desi is on the
cover of KV Pet
Supply 2009!

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We are pleased that "Tempe" was chosen by Camino Books for the cover of the new
Chow Chow Champions 2002-2007 book!

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